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  • 0% Financing for 6 Months
    Complete financing options lets LED savings pay for the lights.

    6-Month 0% Interest Dealer Finance Program

    Announcing an EASY dealer inventory finance program for LED Lights, LED fixtures, LED Lighting and LED Bulbs.

    6 Month 0% Interest Dealer Inventory Program

    With our simple, interest free financing program for dealers – our customers increase their cash flow and pay off the lights over 6 monthly payments.  Stock your shelves with LED lighting and pay for the lamps as they go or work project by project using this program as a revolving credit line to keep cash flow positive.

    • You get the LED inventory you need NOW – pay for it over 6 months
    • Use as Revolving Credit Line
    • One advance payment
    • Minimum product cost is $10,000 on the 6-month program
    • Maximum product cost: $150,000
    • Principle payoffs are not required as LED Lighting is sold through cash or lease
    • This program can be used also for dealer lines of credit
    • Lines of credit subject to credit approval

    Monthly Payment Example

    Total Cost of LED Lighting $20,000.00
    Monthly Payment $3,333.33 (+ tax)
    Advanced Payment Required


    Purchase Options $1 Buyout at End of Term