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    Services for Your Next LED Lighting Project

    Green Lighting LED's sales team includes engineers and industry experts who take a consultative approach to your project.  Where some companies just make light bulbs, we establish complete lighting solutions.  Our free services equip dealers to successfully sell more lighting projects.  The following examples showcase the many services available to dealers by selling Green Lighting LED products:
    • Lighting Audit Assistance:   Dealers will be provided a free audit sheet from our sales team.  Our team will work with you to learn everything about the project location to source the right products and provide an accurate ROI calculation.
    • Customized LED Solution:  Very rarely does one-size-fit-all.  We will specify multiple solutions and provide detailed recommendations for a final lighting proposal.
    • Photometric Lighting Layouts:  Assure accuracy of lighting with a photometric layout tailored to your project's location.  This allows precision for the right optic lens and the correct light distribution for any location.
    • ROI Calculations:  Provide detailed ROI information broken down per lamp type and then totalled for complete return on investment analysis.
    • Financing Packages:  Our sales team reviews all financing options avilable for both the dealer and the customer.
    • Privately Labeled Project Proposal:  Dealers receive a detailed estimate and spec sheets for all recommended products.  They also receive a privately labeled lighting proposal for your customer in your name including total costs, detailed ROI cost savings projections, custom photometric layouts and financial packages. 
    • Built to Spec & Quality Control: With project approval, all LED lights are built to specification and rigorously tested before entering the field.

    Commercial Success

    By offering more than just a light bulb on the shelf, Green Lighting LED maintains an environment where dealers can successfully bid and win LED lighting projects.  This is why we are the official manufacturer for 84 Lumber, our products are sole sourced in Applebees nationwide, our dimmable tubes light up movie sets for X-Men, and our American manufactured products continue to beat larger competition on government bids.  Whether on a government location in Hawaii or by a lampstand at home, Green Lighting LED provides LED lighting solutions across America.